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came home from work to a dead rat.

i cant believe i am crying.

my poor baby boy. i’ll see you on the other side len man.

Bernadette Peters at Marina del Rey


Trudy also said:

It is NOT a “Michael Brown case.” It is a Darren Wilson, Ferg PD, State violence in U.S. case. They love naming victim as “on trial.”

The ONLY way we can defeat racism is to start by saying….
"There are TWELVE human beings on the grand jury."





This is Tim, owner of Tim’s Place. He has Down Syndrome, but he’s not sad or suffering. He’s happy and loving, and he shares that love with everyone he meets through his restaurant, where he says the hugs are more important than the food. 

Richard Dawkins said yesterday on Twitter that, if you have the choice, bringing people like Tim into the world is immoral. He recommends having preborn babies who might end up like Tim ripped apart in the womb or given a heart-attack-inducing drug. That’s the moral and civilized thing to do, he says. 

The twitter user who had originally asked him what he thought then continued to ask whether people with Autism should be aborted before birth if the mother knows while she’s still pregnant. He says that people with Autism have a lot to contribute, while people like Tim don’t.

So apparently, your contribution to society is what makes you valuable. Or is it your emotions

Dawkins was quick to cover his tracks, insisting that he didn’t wish that anyone currently living with DS had been aborted. 

But his comments still stand. He hasn’t backed down from what he thinks “the right thing to do” after a prenatal DS diagnosis is. In Dawkins’ view, it’s immoral to bring someone like Tim into the world. Despite the fact that our ability to care for people with DS has greatly increased over the last few decades and people with DS now have a much greater quality of life, it’s apparently immoral for their mothers not to kill them in the womb.

If Dawkins had his way, we’d be facing a future without people like Tim. I don’t want that. Do you?

There is a reason you don’t see babies with Downs Syndrome too much anymore. We’re killing them.


I lost all respect (well, what I had left) of Dawkins.

Killing a fetus just because he/she has DS is genocide. It should not be tolerated by the human race anymore than killing a baby girl in china is.


Scary morning for the I15s and onlookers!

What a stressful morning!! Young I 103 from the I 15’s got caught in a gill net near Port Hardy. We monitored close by ready to assist. The young whale went under water covered in net for around 12 minutes. At the 4 minute mark the whole family I4, I 5 and their offspring dove down and stayed with it under water. The fisherman was quick thinking and pulled the net in reeling up 103. She was caught on her tail the rest of the net had been cut free possibly by her family when they were all under water. The fisherman was able to cut her loose and when she was freed she swam straight to her family. They took off towards Malcolm Island where thankfully research vessels were able to keep an eye on them to make sure she was ok. A very rare event that I have never seen. We were all happy to see her swim away it was something I personally never want to witness again. Many thanks to the fisherman for freeing her and saving her life. (x)

Mr. Dawkins,

I’d let you meet my son if you promised to open your mind, your eyes, and your heart to a unique kind of absolute beauty. But, in my request for you to be tolerant, I’d have to warn Trig he must be tolerant, too, because he may superficially look at you as kind of awkward. I’ll make sure he’s polite, though!


Sarah Palin & family